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About Us

National Officers Academy

Dr. Muhammad Atif Ali laid the foundations of what would become the largest and most prestigious CSS/PMS preparatory institute in the country in Islamabad. NOA was founded in 2006 with a small number of 30 students, which has now exceeded thousands, not only within Pakistan, but also across the globe thanks to our efficient virtual campus. Meanwhile, NOA has expanded from Islamabad to Rawalpindi and Lahore so that its services are easily available in regions of high demand.

We employ a smart-study program and a well-planned course delivery method, which are some of our greatest attractions for aspirants. They were developed under the careful supervision of highly qualified faculty members to ensure the provision of a competitive environment. Our remarkable and highly sought-after faculty members attract students from all over the nation and make special effort to help them in every way possible.

We have been offering classes online since 2018 and utilize an in-house, custom-made Learning Management System (LMS) for the delivery of online educational programs. Students have access to every resource they would if they attended classes in person.
There is a reason why aspirants who come to NOA call it a family, and it is because we genuinely strive to provide them with every resource we can in a very personal and nurturing manner. Our faculty members are not just teachers, but they are mentors and guides. And our campuses are not just buildings, they are homes.


Our Philosophy

Our institute is committed to the rigorous exploitation of a variety of teaching approaches, encompassing the latest educational curriculum in the competitive examinations of Pakistan. Proper guidelines and instructions for CSS, PMS & PCS examinations’ preparation enables students to stand out in the competitive examination.

Our Vision

To produce a new generation of officers, who can at this critical juncture in time, contribute to the growth and welfare of our nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all-inclusive, clear guidance and quality leadership in all possible aspects to enable aspirants of competitive examinations with the ability to direct their hard work in the right direction and maintain keen studying habits based on relevant knowledge delivered with highly modern educational standards and techniques.

Founder's Message

I, myself, feel privileged to be the Head of an institute that has achieved great success and earned a good name in the preparation of competitive examinations across the country. Our quest for the best has won us the trust of CSS/PMS/PCS aspirants across the nation, and this trust keeps pushing us to do everything in order to transform the aspirants’ dreams of a successful career in the Civil Service of Pakistan into tangible reality.

NOA has become a symbol of success in the competitive public sector for the coaching of aspiring bureaucrats (CSP’s, PCS and PMS Officers). It was established fourteen (14) years ago and has won fame and an established reputation throughout Pakistan. At NOA we apply modern technology and methodologies of coaching delicately trimmed to the individual and collective needs of the aspirants. We deliver in such a manner that it helps the student grow individually and intellectually, with our most experienced faculty and innovative methodology of teaching. We, at NOA ensure success for everyone.

Dr. Muhammad Atif Ali

Managing Director's Message

National Officers Academy encompasses the preparation for competitive examination, be it at the federal level in the shape of CSS or at a provincial level in the form of PMS. By dint of sheer hard work, experienced faculty, capable management team, NOA has excelled in coaching the students who repose trust in it and they eventually come out with flying colors. Over the period of ten years, NOA is credited with the honor of several of students being allocated in prestigious groups, such as DMG, FSP, PSP, PAAS, IRS, OMG, etc. This is just the beginning for NOA. The Academy of Plato and Lyceum of Aristotle are worth emulating. I would like to thank the team of NOA for making it a success story.

May NOA serve Pakistan and its people!

Muhammad Tahir