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English Courses

NOA has created a unique system for students who would like to improve their English and dedicate extra time to the preparation of the English Essay and English Precis and Composition papers. These courses are constructed on the basis of the individual needs and aptitude of the student.

The English Foundation course is for those who need to improve their basics, the Advanced English Grammar and Writing is for those who want to improve their writing abilities, and the English Essay and Composition course is for the targeted study of those papers.

Course availability and dates will be posted regularly on our website www.noacss.pk and our social media pages.

What National Officers Academy is Teaching:

Three Main English Courses:

1 . English Foundation – 30 Days Course

NOA has developed this course to help students build their foundation in English. It will begin with very basic level English, such as tenses and sentence structure. Eventually, the students will reach a level where they are comfortable with their command over the language and can easily construct their thoughts in a written manner. This is very important for any competitive examination in Pakistan, since they all require good command over the language and the ability to translate thoughts to written answers; hence, students should at least have a good foundation.

2. Advanced English Grammar and Writing – 30 Days Course

The Advanced English Grammar and Writing course is for those who already have a good foundation in English and want to further improve their writing abilities. NOA will help students develop a greater command over the language and the ability to be creative with their skills. Where in the English Foundation course, students will learn how to construct basic sentences, in this course they will learn how to improve upon that and incorporate what they have learned with practical use.


3. English Essay and Composition – 30 Days Course

NOA offers a 45-day course specifically designed for the English Essay and Composition papers in competitive examinations. The English Foundation and Advanced English Grammar and Writing courses are general, but this course focuses on the targeted study and teaches students how to attempt the Essay and Composition papers according to the requirement of the FPSC and preferences of the examiners. Those who want in-depth focused study for these 2 papers should register for this course.


1 – Month English Essay
Fee Structure:

– English Essay + Composition (30 Days) : In – Campus Fees (Rs./- 25,000) or Online Fees (Rs/- 20,000)
– English Foundation ( 1 – Month): Fees (Rs/- 10,000)
– Advance Grammar (1 – Month): Fees (Rs/- 10,000)