Evaluations & Mock Tests

Evaluations & Mock Tests/E-Mock Tests:

Mock Tests/ E-Mock Tests tend to be conducted in order to prepare the aspirants for the examination and evaluation. At National Officers Academy (NOA), special focus is to be given to conducting tailored assignments, quizzes, tutorial sessions, and then mockup tests for the benefit of aspirants.

NOA follows a 4-step evaluation strategy for aspirants to meet their requirements for passing the examinations:


Different assignments are given to students according to their subjects by their respective teachers. These assignments are evaluated by a team of experts and their respective teachers on the basis of NOA’s special evaluation parameters.


Daily quizzes of 30-40 minutes, based on any optional or compulsory subject, are conducted and assessed by a special team of experts. These quizzes are conducted in-campus and online.

3-Tutorial sessions 

Tutorial sessions are conducted frequently during which one of more faculty members discuss quizzes and assignments with individual students to assess their mistakes and requirements to pass the examinations.

4-Mock Tests

Bi-monthly mock examinations are conducted and open to all batches. They are full-length papers, designed to assess the preparation of aspirants according to FPSC’s standards. E- mock examinations are also conducted for the online batches via NOA’s Learning Management System.

In closing remarks, National Officer Academy’s primary goal is to prepare aspirants for the national contribution. We cannot compromise on the quality of preparation and then evaluated on strict bases. It is for the students to prepare them for not just CSS Exam but for the national cause.