PCS Preparation






PCS (Provincial Civil Services)

This exam is held every year without any fixed number of seats in the province. This number of seats varies every year, according to the vacancies and requirements. The seats are under the command and control of the state government and a recruited aspirant cannot be transferred to another state. Basically, PCS is a board responsible for

  • Announcing vacancies for the numerous sort of posts
  • Selecting aspirants for declared posts on merit
  • Selecting civil servants for their respective provinces (bps-9 to bps-20)



What Do We offer?

30 Day PCS Preparation (Single Paper)

NOA offers this one-month course for those positions that are posted in the General Recruitment section at the Federal or Provincial levels, such as Assistant Commissioner NAB or Assistant Commissioner FIA, etc. It will cover the course and complete preparation for the examination and after the student passes, NOA will provide training for the interview process as well.

This course consists of a 1-day free seminar after which admissions will follow on day 2 and on day 3 classes will begin. 



    PCS Legal Requirements:

    • Age Limit: 21yrs – 31yr
    • Must have domicile of any district of Punjab province while graduation with 2nd Division From HEC Recognized University. 


    PCS Fees

    – In Campus: Rs/- 25,000

    – Online: Rs/- 20.000

    (Duration: 1 – Month)