CSS Exams: Debunking Popular Myths

Once a student decides to enter the corridors of Civil Services of Pakistan, they must clear the CSS examinations. However, aspirants often develop fears due to various myths about the CSS exams, which demotivate them.

National Officers Academy (NOA) provides a platform through individual guidance, lectures, mock exams and evaluation that allows students to debunk these myths.  This article will debunk the most common myths about the CSS exams. These myths are false notions prevalent in our society. Let’s expose some of these myths!

  1. “CSS can only be attempted by highly educated or extra-ordinary candidates”. This is entirely false since many graduates with low GPA and percentages have cleared this exam. Moreover, it should be remembered by aspirants that high-class vocabulary and flowery words do not attract the examiner, as per FPSC reports. Therefore, there is no such requirement of being a maestro at English to ace the CSS exam.
  2. “One needs a whole year to prepare for CSS exams”. This is a totally false perception. NOACSS Academy offers a 4.5 month course for the completion of the CSS syllabus and if one is sharp, and gives sufficient time to evaluation, then six months are more than enough for preparation.
  3. “Selection of optional subjects is extremely difficult and confusing for all students”. The selection of optional subjects is a very simple process if done rightly. This conundrum can be solved through proper consultation which is provided at National Officers Academy (NOACSS). NOA provides a platform where students can get individual guidance on the third day of the Free Online Seminar that is held online every month and even on campus at any time with the evaluation team so they can be clear about their optional subjects.
  4. “If you fail, you are worth nothing”, People fear attempting the exam and don’t give a first try to really understand the methodology, pattern, environment and strategy. So, if one fails the first attempt it is okay. One must get up and work harder as well as smarter for the next attempt. One must not halt or beat themselves up. There is always a silver lining and failure in the first attempt only gives one more to learn from.
  5. “Taking the preparation process too lightly and now being organized”. Majority of candidates fail because of lack of appropriate studying methods they adopt. They prefer to skim relevant info which does not seem important to them. NOA’s team of experts and CSPs give proper consultation to students regarding time and study management.
  6. “If one knows the structure of essay they do not need much practice”. Writing an essay is not a big task but to organize it in an effective way is the key treatment. NOACSS Academy has specialized PHD English teachers who train students to write effective essays to gain good marks. Practice is most necessary to this process and evaluation goes hand in hand with it.
  7. “Stammering difficult vocabulary leads to failure”. There is no such requirement of CSS to present difficult words in one’s sentences, it may also be the cause of deduction of marks, perfect grammar usage with daily use vocabulary is sufficient enough. FPSC Examiner Reports clearly state that word use should be clear and easy to read. In the attempt to use difficult vocabulary one often gets the meaning incorrect.
  8. “Casual language or day to day language is acceptable”. Due to short SMS typing habits and auto-correct, many candidates suffer from this myth. The best solution is to always spell English words correctly on any medium and use academic language so as not to insult the examiner. Once again, in the FPSC Examiner Reports, it is stated that Examiners feel insulted by the casual and non-academic language used by candidates.

Over the passing years, the number of candidates have considerably increased. Aspirants want to appear in the CSS exams but only few of them manage to pass the exams marks and are able to secure a job in the government sector. CSS offers high scope and numerous job opportunities to candidates due to which it has become a widely chosen option after the completion of bachelors. Candidates who intend to appear in the CSS exams and are looking for guidance are invited to NOACSS Academy from where they can prepare for exams as best as possible.

Many students are confused about where they must begin CSS preparation and what are the important steps that must be consider before appearing in the exams. Candidates are informed that there is nothing to be worried about as they can join NOACSS Academy to have the best preparation for their exams.