National Officers Academy’s CSS Preparation Strategy

National Officers Academy (NOA academy) has a very detailed and practical CSS preparation strategy. It all starts with a 3-day seminar, of which the first 2 days are free. In the first day, students learn the basics of CSS examinations and what they entail, such as, what it is and who can attempt it. They receive detailed insight into what it takes to do CSS and what type of mentality is required. On the second day, students receive information on each and every single optional subject from scoring trends to syllabus length. By this point, the learning process has already begun as students start to grasp the reality of what is CSS. On the third day, they attend an individual subject selection session where they sit with senior faculty members who help them choose their subjects.

The importance of subject selection for CSS preparation cannot be overstated as it can make the difference between passing and failing and even the difference between being allocated or unallocated. As part of the preparation process it is only prudent that one make intelligent and informed decisions, which is why NOA academy emphasizes on it so much and provides all sorts of guidance so that students know what to select.

Of course, as everyone knows, lectures are a huge part of the preparation process and NOA academy has some of the best faculty members for CSS in the nation. People travel from all over the country to attend their classes. What’s more is that faculty members are not assigned a specific subject; they are assigned topics related to their field of specialty. Hence, someone teaching Nuclear Proliferation, will not be teaching the Constitution. It goes without saying that this method allows students to study from those who excel at what they teach.

Furthermore, NOA emphasizes student participation in quizzes and mock-examinations, since it believes that they provide aspirants with practical experience, which is very important for the learning process. After appearing in mock-examinations and experiencing what it would be like at the examination center, students receive feedback regarding their work and are given percentages. This enables them to learn from their mistakes and improve upon them.

Apart from mock examinations, students are encouraged to submit homework and assignments for checking so that they may evaluate themselves on what they believe their own weak points are rather than waiting for someone to force them to appear in a mock examination or quiz. Students who are keen on feedback and want to make progress in the right direction start solving past papers on their own and get them checked.

Aside from the obvious methods of preparation: lectures, quizzes, etc. students are taught HOW to attempt the CSS examination from a logistical point of view. This includes anything from what type of pen to use to how many pages one answer should be. This part of the preparation process is meant to familiarize students with what the examiner expects from them and what they can do to deliver a desirable response.

One may have the entire syllabus memorized but if they lack the ability to transfer that knowledge in an appropriate manner to the examiner, they will never pass. CSS preparation is not so much about what one knows, rather it is about how one conveys what they know. This is one of NOA academy’s greatest strengths. It grooms students in a way that they not only know what to say in answer, they also know how to say it.

NOA academy believes in a holistic approach to the preparation of CSS, which is why it emphasizes every single aspect of the process. NOA academy’s stellar record of grooming students for CSS is evident in the 2019 result when its students accounted for a total of 28% of all those who were allocated. For a holistic, high-quality approach to the preparation of CSS, every aspirant should consider joining National Officers Academy.


Written by,

Zareen Nayyar
PR Coordinator
National Officers Academy

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