National Officers Academy was created for help with the preparation of CSS, PMS and PCS examinations. Part of the preparation process includes evaluation in multiple forms. It is naïve to believe that one can take classes for preparation but not practice the exam or participate in tests to evaluate themselves and their standing in order to improve their skills. If one does not evaluate themselves then they cannot progress, that is especially true of English Essay because without learning their mistakes, people tend to make them over and over again.

First of all, NOA conducts mock examinations every alternate month to give students practice and understand what it is really like to appear in the actual CSS examination. This gives them the ability to gauge their time management skills and weed out whatever careless mistakes they are used to making. Furthermore, the mock examinations are checked by faculty members who are either experts in their fields or those with experience who have gone through the process of appearing in the CSS exams. They all have a deep sense of what the examiner wants and the guidelines they follow to check the exams.

Next, NOA conducts weekly quizzes to keep students on their toes. After some time of taking classes, students tend to become relaxed and fall into a state of false comfort. These quizzes are tidbits from the real exam and remind them of where they stand so they may tweak their little flaws and work on them. The quizzes are also checked by the same faculty member who check the mock examinations.

The faculty of NOA assigns tasks at their own discretion. They give students assignments that are relevant to their topics to make them understand their subjects better. For example, an International Relations teacher will assign them a task of applying theories to current world situations and an English Essay teacher will assign an outline. Both these tasks allow students to develop thinking on the lines of their subjects and in practical terms.

Apart from this, students are free to visit tutors any day of the week with all sorts of queries they might have. These tutors provide guidance and check assignments, which can be done online or in-person. Students can even submit their work and return at a later time for them fully checked. Otherwise, they can sit there and discuss their work with the tutors while their work is being checked to get a thorough understanding of their mistakes.

NOA is a very special place for those who want to consistently improve themselves because it offers a variety of evaluation methods. There are several outlets for them to use in order to get their work checked and refine it. Fortunately, one does not have to be a student to appear the mock examinations. Outsiders are allowed to participate in any mocks for a nominal fee and their assignments will be checked as if they are a regular student of the academy.


Written by,

Zareen Nayyar
PR Coordinator
National Officers Academy

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