New Purpose Built Campus of National Officers Academy

National Officers academy was established in 2006 with 30 students. At that time, hardly anyone, except a few who were invested in its success, could imagine it would come this far. Annually, NOA admits over 5000 students across its 6 campuses. Students who are familiar with NOA would know that it has slowly and gradually been expanding over time, which wouldn’t be possible without great demand.
Recently, NOA opened a new campus in Islamabad: a purpose built campus. One might ask what exactly a purpose built campus is. However, it is exactly as the name describes, a campus built to serve a specific purpose is called a “purpose built campus”. It was built with a purpose to serve a purpose. Every inch of the campus was designed consciously and thoughtfully, which makes it extremely efficient.
NOA’s Purpose Built Campus is located in G10/4, Islamabad. It is 3 floors of beautiful designing and interior decoration with special thought given to the needs of students. One might then ask what exactly its purpose is. Well, its purpose encompasses the purpose of all NOA campuses, which is to deliver high-quality education in the form of CSS, PMS and PCS preparation. Moreover, this campus was built keeping its purpose in mind to ensure the delivery of all its services in the best manner possible.
The campus’ location is ideal for many reasons, among which is the fact that it is easy to access from all parts of Islamabad. G10/4 is a very central location and is right off Kashmir Highway which runs through Islamabad and connects all sectors. Moreover, the campus is close to several hostels for those who move here from far off locations, and is also a 5 minute walk from the main Markaz.
The building itself has 3 floors. The ground floor is dedicated almost entirely to administration, apart from the girls’ common room that is fitted with comfortable couches, a dresser, mirror and the girls’ restroom. The rest of the floor consists of a help-desk, conference room, staff room, IT office, Accounts office, NOA Publications office, the Director’s office and the CEO’s office. The 1st floor has 4 classrooms and a bookstore where students can buy any of NOA’s publications, teacher’s notes and other such resources. Meanwhile, the 2nd floor has 4 more classrooms, a cafeteria, and assignment checking room with an attached prayer room.
Furthermore, each classroom is fitted with a sound system so teachers can speak via a microphone and everyone can hear clearly. The rooms are also fitted with LCD screen televisions that are meant to project presentations or other videos that teachers may need to convey their lectures. Every room has also been equipped with new cushioned chairs and tables and aside from this, all the rooms have inverters for heating and cooling, which may seem trivial but are very uncommon among educational institutions in Pakistan.
One of the best features that must not be overlooked is the library! This is the first NOA campus with an in-built library that will allow students access to all of NOA’s publications and other CSS related books. They can study from any of these books on campus, instead of having to buy them and they will also have a place to sit and concentrate.
Most students are at a loss when it comes to finding a place to study and this library solves that problem while keeping students in proximity with their teachers and lectures. Students can come before class, spend their time studying and without wasting any time, make their way to their lecture. The library also provides books for recreational reading for those who need a break or simply need to improve their language skills.
With an ideal location, beautiful interior, modern technology, and a library, this campus of NOA will become its headquarters and a precedent for all others. Although, classes are offered online for those who cannot attend them in-person, this campus remains open for any visitors who would like a tour or have their questions answered in person. NOA’s Purpose Built campus is a symbol of pride for the institution and a place where it can fulfil dreams.

Written by,
Zareen Nayyar
PR Coordinator
National Officers Academy