National Officers Academy’s Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software developed for online learning. At the most basic level, just as the name describes, it is a software that manages online learning and teaching. It is developed on the end of the institute or organization providing training and learning programs and varies based on their needs. Each organization creates an LMS to make its teaching methods and trainings accessible in the online world. Some organizations may need a system that allows online video streaming and others might need a system that does not stream videos but accepts online assignment submissions.
National Officers Academy (NOA) felt the need for an online learning system to reach students who cannot attend classes in person due to a variety of reasons, especially considering that NOA has students across the globe. Although, NOA’s online classes became popular during the lockdown caused by CoVid19, it has been offering them since the past 2 years. However, due to the rapid influx of online students, NOA has felt the need for its own system and for that reason has developed its own in-house, custom-made Learning Management System for the delivery of its online educational programs, through which students have access to every resource they would if they attended classes in person.
The goal of NOA’s LMS is to create an online campus so that students never feel there is a resource they cannot access online or that they are at a disadvantage. Not only are classes online, students can submit their assignments, quizzes, mock examinations and get them all checked and evaluated by professional faculty members. Everything a student would have access to in-person is available online, along with more efficient systems and the ability to access information that would otherwise be unavailable in-person. Some examples are that on NOA’s LMS, students have the ability to view their classes, individual schedules, fee submissions, and access an e-library.
The advantage of a custom-made, in-house LMS is that it has been developed specifically for the needs of NOA and its students while providing the benefit of being able to be personalized and updated organically as the organization grows. NOA’s LMS is a one stop shop for students. When they log in they will see 2 options on the main page: one for updating their profile and the second option for selecting their optional subjects. Meanwhile, in the panel on the left students have the option of viewing their teachers’ profiles and while they can provide feedback to the Administrative, Faculty and Publication departments, they can even lodge official complaints on the portal regarding anything they are struggling with.
NOA hopes that with its creation of this unique system, its students are comfortable enough with the online classes that they do not feel anything lacking in comparison to on-campus classes. As such, it has added every feasible resource online and allows for an open channel of feedback in order to keep improving on the current system. NOA is the first Civil Service Preparatory institute that offers online classes with such a wide range of options and facilities.

Written by,
Zareen Nayyar
PR Coordinator
National Officers Academy

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