Help Society: Join the Civil Services

“Civil Services Pakistan” is the name given to Pakistan’s Public Administration. According to the father of Public Administration, Woodrow Wilson, “Public Administration is detailed systematic application of law. Every particular application of law is an act of public administration.” Hence, the Civil Services of Pakistan at its most basic form is the application of rule and law in Pakistan.

Almost everyone can claim that they want to help society; however, only some make the effort and others lack the capacity. Fortunately, there are few with both qualities who apply their capacity toward making an effort. Such people are the Civil Servants of Pakistan who work tireless to ensure the rights of citizens and help carry out the will of the government and its people.

Civil servants act as the bridge between the government and citizens ensuring the provision of basic facilities and rights. As a civil servant, one has the ability to assert tangible change in people’s lives and make a real difference. Many of them work in the field directly with the people they are serving, allowing them to have an unadulterated version of the circumstances. However, unlike most people, they also have the power to help.

With the privilege of assessing circumstances firsthand, civil servants are in the unique position of being an agent of change. As part of the Executive branch of government, they can provide input on policies and demand change where it is most needed. They can help improve the government’s ability to serve its people’s needs. If there is a policy that does not exist or if there is a faulty policy that seems perfect on paper but practically flawed, it is the civil servant who will help build or rebuild it.

Apart from being the agents of change, when it comes to policy-making, a civil servant is also the very person who applies those policies in practical use. They are in a position to implement the policies they helped build in the true form they were meant to be. They can act as the safeguards of what they built and guarantee its ethical application.

As a Police Service Pakistan Officer, a civil servant has the authority to influence people’s lives directly by using their judgment in the field. This is a great responsibility but for those who have a strong moral compass and need for justice, they can use this platform to defend the weak and deliver justice. Similarly, a Foreign Services Officer can help change the world and represent Pakistan in a positive light on an international platform.

As such, civil service officers can make change on a micro and macro level. On a micro level, they have the ability to touch people’s lives and help them individually. On a macro level, they can change laws and the standard by which people live. They are present in every aspect of citizen’s lives. If there is a flood, a civil service officer will be present to help. If there is a human rights crisis, a civil service officer will be part of the fight against it. And if someone has been misusing tax revenue then a civil service officer will be the one to stop him.

National Officer’s Academy (NOA academy) is a resource for those who want to join the civil services to implement change and improve lives. NOA academy’s students made up 28% of those who were allocated in the 2019 Civil Service Examinations. It prides itself on being the guide for those who want to join the most elite group of government officers in the country.


Written by,

Zareen Nayyar
PR Coordinator
National Officers Academy